Halloween Candle Tips

Halloween Candle Tips

Halloween Candle Tips

Halloween is a great time of year, as it adds such a spooky and different vibe to the air. Although Halloween is a strong part of American culture, its still super fun to celebrate in Australia. There are many ways to style your home to a Halloween vibe and help get you, your family and visitors in the spooky spirit.

Halloween Colours

A great way to fit your home with a Halloween vibe, is fitting Halloween coloured candles around your house. When we think of Halloween we usually think of orange, black, purple, white and grey colours – your idea of Halloween colours maybe different but that’s great – be guided with what colours represent Halloween to you. Mix and match your Halloween candles with one or more colours to add a scary theme. At Suki Home we would be happy to get creative with you on Halloween colours such as drip colouring & layering pillar candles.

Halloween Scents

Scents are another important factor when setting the spooky theme with your candles. As humans we are guided by ours sense, which is why both colours and more importantly scents are imperative with getting your vision across to others with your Halloween candles. Once again, many peoples perspective of smells for Halloween could be different but in general scents such as cinnamon, pumpkin, spices, sage, sandalwood, zesty orange, deep & dark plum. Feel free to mix around your candle scents and have fun with making your perfect personal Halloween scent. A tip, cinnamon & spices as well as sandalwood & sage are candles scents that are popular and go well together.

Suki Home candles change shape as they burn. Some candles such as the body or pillar candles could be creatively melted to a spooky looking point to have displayed around your house adding an extra scary effect. This is a creative way to add to your Halloween vibes but also stand out creatively to your family and visitors.

Halloween is a fun time of year, wherever you are in the world. How often do we get to openly display and celebrate the scary and spooky within us. Get into the spirit by getting your decorations and Halloween candles out and loading up on some goodies for the trick or treaters. If you make a Suki Home Halloween candle with us, tag us on Instagram so we can share and include your lovely Halloween vibes. 

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