How to Burn Candles Safely

How to Burn Candles Safely


Candle Safety

Burning candles are a lovely thing to have in the house however it’s always important to practice safe candle burning. Candles are an open flame that like all flames can easily ignite anything that can burn. Below are some steps to follow that are super easy and ensure a safe candle burning experience. 

Always keep an eye on your candle

Never leave your lit candle unattended. Always make sure your candle is completely out and no longer glowing before you leave the room. 

Keep your burning candle away from kids & pets

Do not leave burning candles where dogs or kids can touch or knock over the burning candle. As Suki Home candles are custom made and not poured into a jar, be careful that the candle is placed where kids or pets are not able to eat or put the candle in their mouths. 

Avoid drafts or vents

When your candle is burning or setting make sure it is not near any drafts, vents or air currents. Not only will this help with candle safety and a flame potentially catching onto something but it will help with an even burning experience. A clean burn also helps with reduced sooting and excessive dripping. 

Leave the candle be

Once burning do not move or touch the candle until it is not lit and it has set. This will help with an even burning candle which will help maximize the burning time. 

Secure the area

Always make sure when burning a candle it is not close to anything that could catch fire.  This includes items such as paper, furniture, drapes or bedding but also hair and clothing. 

If something does catch fire, if it is safe extinguish the flame as soon as possible or call your states emergency number and leave the premises immediately. 

If you have any questions or concerns on candle burning or safety please reach out to us via our socials or email:

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