How To Take Care of Your Terrarium

How To Take Care of Your Terrarium

Suki Home Terrarium Care

A terrarium works as it’s own eco system. Each plant recirculates and recycles the moisture that is evaporated within the terrarium to keep the soil moist and provide a constant supply of water. The terrarium’s plants use sunlight combined with carbon dioxide to produce oxygen through photosynthesis to boost the oxygen levels in the surrounding environment. Each plant is hand picked specifically for your terrarium vessel, opened or closed.

Tips To Look After Your Terrarium

A little misting each week will help keep the plant hydrated & encourage moisture. However, it is always best to under water then over as it’s difficult to remove excess moisture and water. Naturally depending on the sun intake the terrarium will start to develop it’s own moisture and water system - this is when you get a really thriving ecosystem. Closed terrariums will naturally hold higher moisture due to the sealed vessel.

What Light Your Terrarium Needs

Position the terrarium in a brightly lit spot, such as near a window, but not in direct sunlight. They need high light but not direct as you don’t want to burn the plants. Occasionally rotate the vessel to make sure plant growth is even. Plants will naturally grow towards the side most facing the sun.

Cleaning & Terrarium Upkeep

Keep the vessel clean by removing dust or moisture from the glass. This can be as simple as wiping the glass down with a cloth whenever you think is needed. Also, remove any dead leaves to prevent growth of fungi and gnats.
When watering it is best to use filtered water, distilled or water left out overnight so there are little chances of additional unnecessary minerals going into the ecosystem. If fog or too much moisture/water appears in the bottom pebbles, open the vessel and let it evaporate for a bit, then re close before it dries out.

Please reach out if ever along your terrarium journey you have any questions or need assistance. If you also feel like taking Suki Home along your terrarium journey, feel free to send across images of your terrariums progress as we would love to see it.

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