Playing With Colour's & Fragrance's At Suki Home

Playing With Colour's & Fragrance's At Suki Home

 Tailor Your Candle Colours & Fragrances At Suki Home

At Suki Home we have a great selection of scents and colours to choose from and tailor your candle orders. We offer a large and diverse range of options so you find the perfect candle to suit your preferences and create a personalized shopping experience. We take pride in being creative with our customers and tailoring your products to your individual needs. 


Enhance Any Space In Your Home With a Candle

If you're looking for ways to enhance a room in your house or gift a unique candle, shopping at Suki Home can make this an easy experience for you to achieve. You have many options to pick from by choosing different candle sizes or shapes of candles, or the ability to create custom candles by mixing our colour's and scents.

 We Offer Seasonal Scent's & Colour's

We love providing you with options across our vast scents and colour's and tailoring them to the seasons. We hope when offering special scents and candle moulds for the different seasons can also make gift giving easier for you, as you can choose from a curated selection of products that are particularly well-suited to the occasion.

In addition to seasonal offerings, we also offer a range of classic scents that are available year-round, so that you can find your favourite fragrances no matter when you shop with Suki Home.

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