Summer Candles Scents & How to Style Your Summer Candles

Summer Candles Scents & How to Style Your Summer Candles

Summer Is Here & Its The Perfect Time To Style Your Summer Candles

Summer is here, for many of us in Australia this means time at the beach, pool, outside and spending plenty of time with family & friends. With the Australian heat approaching, there’s no better time to buy or make trendy seasonal candles. From beachy to floral scented candles or native Australian plants, candle scents that align to summer really help to relax across the holiday time.
  • Seasonal Scents:

 Every season has its own individual scent, and summer is no exception. Summer themed candles are great with light, bright colours and floral or beachy scents. Fruity scented candles such as Japanese honeysuckle, jasmine, lavender or sandalwood & coconut add great outside vibes.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Candles:

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy your candles outside. They add an incredibly romantic and relaxing atmosphere which is why it is so lovely to enjoy a candle lit on the outside table whilst you enjoy your food and drinks watching the sun set. Consider adding extra wham to your outdoor living space by putting you candles in enclosed lanterns or vases which will also help prevent them from getting blown or falling.


  • Summer Parties & Events:

We all know summer is the perfect time to entertain and be a part of summer and outdoor parties – even picnics at the local park are bliss compared to autumn or winter months. Candles are a great positive vibe to entertaining spaces across both outdoors & indoors. Adding some candles with the right seasonal summer colours and scents will compliment any party or event as well as help make the space smell lovely and full of summer.

Candles really work for any season, but during the summer time they serve as both decorative and lovely to unwind for the holiday & summer period. Its also a great time to practise and teach safe candle use outside or inside when lighting your candle. For more information on candle & fire safety, visit our candle burning and lighting blog.
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