The Correct Way On How To Light A Candle

The Correct Way On How To Light A Candle

Light Up Your Home With Candles!

Lit candles are a great way to add warmth and ambiance to any room. And by following Suki Home’s below steps on how best to light a candle, you will have a longer burning candle as well as a lovely and safe candle burning experience.

  1. Check that your candle is setup to light in a safe, clean and flat surface with no flammable items nearby.

  2. If you are lighting a candle from Suki Home, make sure you have some paper or a plate to catch any wax dripping from melting once being lit.

  3. Make sure your candle wick has been trimmed. Trimming your wick prior to each burn will prevent any black smoke rising.

  4. Choose your way of lighting your candle, this could be with a lighter or matches. Long lighters or matches will work best as they will help protect your hand when lighting your candle.

  5. Allow your candle to burn evenly once lit. You should burn your candle until it has an even burn pool. Think of your candles burn pool as its memory trail. Each time you relight your candle after its first time lit, it will only melt up until its original melt pool size. This is why it is important to let all the wax melt evenly to ensure you have an even burning candle and no wax is wasted.

  6. Once you are done with your candle being lit, simply blow it out or extinguish with a candle extinguisher.

A candles fuel is its wax and its engine in the wick, so its important to ensure a good lighting experience with the above steps to best maximize your candle experience. We hope our hot six tips on lighting a candle help you enjoy your candle experience that bit much more.

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