How to Tailor Your Christmas Candles

How to Tailor Your Christmas Candles

Why Candles Make Great Christmas Gifts!

Christmas is around the corner and so the task of gift shopping is here. Candles are a great gift to give someone for Christmas and we have never met anyone that does not like a candle – especially receiving one as a gift.

Tailoring your candle is a great way to add a thoughtful Christmas touch to your gift and makes the person receiving the gift feel special. By having the receivers favourite colours, football colours or a memorable scents this can really add the finishing touch to an already thoughtful gift.

Tailoring Your Suki Home Candle

Suki Home is a great place to buy your Christmas candles as not only do we offer great, high quality candles at reasonable price, but you can tailor your candles colours & scents for the individual you are gifting this candle to. Its super easy, all you need to do is place your order and then email us at within 24 hours with your preference of colour and/or scent mix.

If you are struggling of thinking of a creative or thoughtful way to tailor your candles, feel free to email or message us on Instagram or Facebook and we would be happy to help.


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