Suki Home Christmas Candles & Scents

Suki Home Christmas Candles & Scents

The Christmas Season Is Finally Here!

The Christmas season is just around the corner but that does not mean the Christmas vibes cant get started! This holiday season, Suki Home have sourced candles & scents to fit the Christmas spirit. We have considered the many candle scents people love to smell over Christmas but also what people associate with Christmas.
Christmas scents we offer for you to tailor your candles are both a standard Sandalwood and also a Christmas Sandalwood scent which also contains a mix of cedar & spices which compliment each other beautifully. We also have a Spiced Pumpkin scent which has been requested many times at our market stalls. Spiced Pumpkin brings such a warm and precious smell and really resonates with the Christmas spirit.

The Santa Candle

Our Santa candle is super cute and great for the little ones to enjoy. They were incredibly popular at our market with kids as they are able to hold and feel in the kids hands as well as smell the lovely Spiced Pumpkin scent. Our Santa candle would be cute in any room across Christmas especially on the dinner table at your Christmas dinner.


The Snowflake Candle

The Snowflake candle has also been very popular at our market – especially in the colours white & orange. Its great as any ornamental piece in the house and fits in well after Christmas also. If you wanted to hang your snowflake up somewhere you can easily make a hole in the snowflake and hang it wherever you please – just make sure not to light it unless its on a flat, safe surface.

Christmas and the holiday time is such a lovely period of the year to spend with family and friends company but also enjoying your own. A Suki Home Christmas candle can really help for you to unwind mentally and enjoy the small moments.
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