Summer Candles To Keep Summer Going

Summer Candles To Keep Summer Going

Summertime Is Finally Here

Summer is one of our favourite seasons and as we have just hit the Australian summer, it’s a great time to get your summer candles in order to spruce up any summer day and night. Candles are great for a summer night outside whilst you are eating dinner or entertaining. Or they are great in general to have around the home with the windows open so the lovely smell can spread across your house.

Summer Time Scents

Scents are key for a great summer candle and enhancing the summer vibes. . Even if its rainy or overcast outside, bringing the summer indoors help to keep the summer season going even if you cant venture outside. Scents such as driftwood, sea salt, florals or fruity scents are perfect across the summer season. These candle scents really compliment the summer vibes and any area in the home – who doesn’t want their space to smell nice.

Summer Candle Placement

Placing your candles on dinner tables are a big favourite for us as we love to cook and entertain. Grouping your candles together at the centre or side of the table helps to add an extra touch to your centrepiece and provides extra light and a lovely scent to your evening. Same for the rest of the home – grouping your candles in areas around the home really adds an extra impact to each candles beauty.

Take Your Summer Candle On Holiday With You

We all love to make the most of the summer eat and time off work by travelling. When you travel, why not bring a candle! It helps to add a homey & comforting space to any hotel room or vacation home. Also when you bring a candle scented to one you usually by at home it can really help with any home or travel loneliness as its brings you a little bit of home – especially great for kids.
If you have a beach house, candles are also such a great easy thing to fill up the home, making it feel warm and homey. Plus you can always keep candles around all season long so you will always have a need and want for them.
Summer is a great season to buy and fill your home up with candles. They help to enhance the summer vibe and environment to help you unwind and truly relax over your summer period. If you have any questions on summer candles, please reach out to us on
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