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The Multi Cube Candle

The Multi Cube Candle

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The Multi Cube candle created with high quality soy & paraffin wax & wax additives to enhance colour & fragrance's.  Green & Orange candle in images are a part of our custom tailored multi colour candles that you can tailor when ordering.

This candle is available in over seven fragrances and ten colours and your candle order can be tailored further with multiple colours & scents. You can view how each colour will appear by clicking on our ‘Colours’ page. Size: 6cm x 6cm.

Please note that every candle is handmade once ordered and so colour and scent can differ slightly from candle to candle. Also, due to the nature of soy wax, you may see some small white marks on your candle which is called frosting. This is completely normal and does not impact the candle performance. Please refer to our Candle Care Blog page for further details on how to take care of your Suki Home candle.

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