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The Swirly Candle Stick Holder

The Swirly Candle Stick Holder

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Introducing the Suki Home Swirly Candle Stick Holder, a limited addition to our esteemed Candle & Decor Accessories collection. 

The soft cream finish adds a touch of warmth and sophistication, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere in your living space. This piece serves not just as a functional item for holding your cherished candles but also as a statement decor piece, effortlessly enhancing the ambiance of any room.

Measuring at a versatile size, the Suki Home Swirl Candle Stick Holder is suitable for standard-sized candlesticks, making it easy to incorporate into your existing decor. Whether displayed on a dining table, mantlepiece, or bedside table, this exquisite piece is sure to catch the eye and spark conversation.

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